10 Signs That Your Life Is Slowly Falling Apart

How often, before you go to bed, do you ask yourself if you are satisfied with just going through the motions of your day? Home — work — home, rare gatherings with friends, cleaning on Saturdays, and binge-watching 2 seasons of a TV show on Sundays — are you comfortable with living this way? It might even seem fine at first glance, but if you dig deeper, it turns out that there is a massive gap between your ideas about life and reality. Let’s overcome these.

smartzune.com has gathered 10 signs for you that your life is gradually going downhill. From time to time, we can all recognize ourselves in these situations. But if they have become the norm of your life, then the problem might be more serious than you think. On the plus side though, realizing the problem is the first step toward solving it.

1. Nothing in this world interests you.

I am a 23y/o male, work full time for a big company that looks after me, currently renting an apartment by myself in a great location. I feel like I have a great life and in no way should be complaining, but I don’t enjoy anything. Nothing interests me and there is nothing that I look forward to.

Not really sure what to write so I guess I will just share my story that I think has led to me feeling this way.

I guess I really started feeling this way a couple years ago. I was still with my girlfriend (we dated for just over 2 years, broke up in December 2014), we rented a place together, had a couple cats, she got along with my family really well. Then all of a sudden my girlfriend and sister stopped talking to each other over something really stupid and everything started going downhill. Family get togethers always became fights and when we did go it would just be awkward. We stopped going for a while to let my GF and sister get over it, that never happened.

Anyway, all of this resulted in a heap of fights. Each fight would usually end with me wanting to end the relationship and her never letting me leave. Eventually I just had enough and I never came back.

You think that there is nothing left in this world that can surprise you, and you raise your eyebrows skeptically in response to any news. (“A rocket was sent to Mars?” Yeah, what a great achievement, whatever. A new vaccine is being tested? “So what?”)

My GF was taken off the lease and I stayed in the house with the cats for a few months. I was handling it really well, then the lease ended and they didn’t want to renew the lease. I wasn’t really expecting this, I always kept the place tidy and never once missed a payment in 12 months. I started getting really stressed about this because I would now have to find a new place and move by myself, while coping with work (which we have a big project happening so is crazy busy). But the thing that stressed me most was that I would have to get rid of the cats.

Eventually I found a new place and found a home for the cats (I didnt really like where they went but it was that or the RSPCA..). I feel like I am on top of work for once, have a good relationship with my friends and family, but I still cant enjoy anything.

A person’s age is determined not only by the numbers on their passport, but also by the ability to find something new for themselves, to learn, and to develop. How many events in your life in recent years have caused you to do an enthusiastic “Wow!”? If the answer is not many, you need to do something about it, urgently.