10 Secrets to Travel the World Much Cheaper

As a wise saying goes, travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Still, flights, hotels, and other things cost enough to discourage many from frequent trips.

Bright Side gathered several tried-and-tested ways to save money on travels used by experienced globetrotters.

10. Use assembled routes

Assembled routes mean that you choose and combine different airlines and means of transport to get to your destination, which often lets you save quite a lot.The main rule here is that you should search for tickets to big transport hubs. For example, a flight to Rome with a following train ride to Venice is generally cheaper than a direct flight to Venice; a local flight to Phuket from Bangkok will cost less than a direct Phuket flight, and so on.

8. Don’t rent cars in big cities

A rental car is a good means of traveling between towns. But inside a city, it can become more of a burden due to parking and traffic issues. To save time and money, better use public transport or, better still, rent a bike