10 Scientific Discoveries That Are Important to Know About If You Care About Your Health

A person’s health directly depends on their lifestyle. And this is why we absolutely have to keep track of the latest scientific discoveries concerning health. For example, scientists have recently learned that dim light makes us dumber, drinking hot tea can be extremely dangerous, and there are a thousand times more bacteria in fitness clubs than in public restrooms.

smartzune.com   has collected 10 recent medical discoveries that everyone needs to read about.

1. Brain aging starts at the age of 25

Brain aging is inevitable to some extent, but not uniform; it affects everyone, or every brain, differently. Slowing down brain aging or stopping it altogether would be the ultimate elixir to achieve eternal youth. Is brain aging a slippery slope that we need to accept? Or are there steps we can take to reduce the rate of decline?
Brain aging is experienced by everyone differently. The rate of cognitive decline affects some people more than others.

At around 3 pounds in weight, the human brain is a staggering feat of engineering with around 100 billion neurons interconnected via trillions of synapses.

The scientists from the Medical University of Gdansk, Poland, and Lancaster University, UK, have learned how to track the pulsation of spinal fluid. Thanks to this, they learned that the pulsation frequency slows down starting from the age of 25, which means that the human brain starts aging from the age of 25, and not at 40 as was previously believed.