10 Pairs of Famous Sisters Who’ve Become Queens of the Spotlight

Having a sister can make you happier and more optimistic, according to a study. And as a celebrity, it’s very beneficial to have someone who understands you deeply. There are pairs of sisters who jumped into the spotlight and became famous both as sisters and individually as well. Their talent and support for each other make them very noticeable in the media.

smartzune.com   presents you with 10 pairs of celebrity sisters who’ve become total queens of the spotlight.

1. Elle and Dakota Fanning

Elle and Dakota both jumped into the spotlight when they were just kids. They were both kid actresses in successful movies and are still conquering Hollywood today.

2. Zooey and Emily Deschanel

These sisters are known for starring in hit shows. Emily is a leading actress in the series, Bones and Zooey one of the main actresses in the hit show, New Girl. Zooey also has a band called She & Him