10 Lifestyle Changes For Healthy and Better Living

Life these days is busy and stressful. We are always busy chasing deadlines and performing various roles at home and work. Most of our time is spent in offices often tied to the desk. Its difficult to hit the gym or even go out for a walk. The lack of time leads to lack of exercise. All work and no exercise often leads to stress. You can protect yourself by learning how to recognize the signs and symptoms of stress and taking steps to reduce its harmful effects.We have compiled 10 lifestyle changes for healthy and better living.

1. Cook often

10 Lifestyle Changes
10 Lifestyle Changes.

It might sound as a daily and boring everyday chore but cooking food at home everyday has various advantages. When you cook at home using fresh ingredients you not only enhance the nutrition value of the food but also ensure a cleaner and hygienic preparation. The prepared food in restaurants is generally loaded with oil and cream, recooked and reheated which destroys the core nutrition of the food. Cooking also works as a stress buster activity for many. Creating something healthy and pretty is certainly a reason to rejoice.

2. Sleep well

Sleep well lifestyle change for healthy living
Sleep well lifestyle changes for healthy living.

After a tiring day of almost 12-14 hours in action of work at office or home, traveling, reading, social networking, cooking, cleaning etc. you deserve a good sleep for. Although there is no defined hours of sleeping prescribed for a healthy living but minimum of 6 hours of sound sleep is required for the body to rest and cells and tissues to repair. Ensure you sleep without any distractions in a comfortable and dark place away from the phone and other gadgets.