10 Last Straw Moments That Make a Woman Leave the Man She Loves

If a woman is in love, it can seem that she’d give her all in a relationship. But there’s a limit to everything and when certain boundaries get crossed, she’ll leave even that ultimate dream man without thinking twice.

smartzune.com lists 10 mistakes that men make that can quickly make a relationship take a turn for the worse.

He doesn’t want to spice things up.

It may sound cliché to you, but every relationship needs a little something special in the bedroom!You’ve heard it time and time again and have probably wondered if it’s really that important. Can it be that sex is really and truly that important to a relationship?As a woman you probably don’t have the sex drive that your man does, though you may view it as something that is just there. Not that all women are like this, but the vast majority wonder why this is so important to men.

It’s not that a woman wants her romantic relationship to be a rollercoaster ride, though, it’s vital to leave some room for new things. If a man insists on going to the same restaurant every day or wants to travel to the same place every vacation because he doesn’t want to step out of his comfort zone, his lover will definitely soon get bored.