10 Hidden Ways Foot Massage Can Help You Treat the Most Common Health Problems

After a long day of being at work, getting a foot massage is a great way to unwind. Foot massages aren’t just a way to pamper someone and show love but it also has many health benefits that not so many people know about.

smartzune.com   presents you with the 10 amazing benefits of getting a foot massage. The last benefit may seem more like magic than a health benefit — be sure to read until the very end to learn more!

It lowers blood pressure

High blood pressure is a leading cause of heart attacks. Lifestyle changes and medication are required for lowering blood pressure and managing it, but regularly massaging your feet can also help, as proven by a study.

Alleviate cancer symptoms and side effects of chemotherapy

In a study spearheaded by scientists from Michigan State University, it was found that foot massages helped cancer patients find relief from not only pain and nausea but also from other symptoms associated with the treatment like shortness of breath and low energy levels.