10 Genius Tips That Will Hack Your Body and Mind

Even though it seemed rather fantastic in the past, nowadays, science is accepting that our minds have quite a big influence over our physical health. Our bodies and minds are very connected and it’s really amazing how different processes in us can be controlled and triggered by each of them.

We at  smartzune.com  are very curious about new discoveries and have collected some useful tips for you to deal with different things and situations that happen to you.

1. Use your non-dominant hand to eat less.

If you love snacking and sometimes even can’t stop — there is a cool way to control this. Switch to your non-dominant hand, and researchers say you will eat less.

2. Apply ice on your hand for a toothache.

This one may sound rather unbelievable, but a research has shown — an ice massage of the web between the thumb and index finger of the hand on the same side as the toothache will greatly reduce your tooth pain.