10 fashion lessons from Giorgio Armani

iorgio Armani is one of the most powerful world-known designers. He created a style that we are using today without even realizing that fashion used to be very different. Armani revolutionized the fashion industry and proved that luxurious does not necessarily mean uncomfortable or tight. His style is synonymous with business chic and refined elegance.

Bright Side is confident that Armani’s advice will be of use to any woman.’Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.’

Giorgio Armani became famous due to his success in the Hollywood. The fashion world began to talk about him after the release of the ‘American Gigolo’ in 1980, where Richard Gere was dressed in Armani from head to toe. All men in the world immediately wanted to look like the actor. They instantly began wearing jackets, trousers, shirts and ties from Armani.

  1. The difference between style and fashion is quality.’

Armani’s specialty is a perfect cut, soft fabrics and minimalism. Giorgio himself says that ‘simplicity is the key note of true elegance.’ All clothes from the designer are renown for their elegance and harmonious unity with its owner.