10 Facts You Need to Know About Time to Control It

For centuries, time manipulation has been one of humanity’s most desirable skills. We’ve all had those days when it felt like time had either stopped completely or went by way too quickly. So while scientists are rushing to create a potion of eternal youth or to create a time machine, psychologists have come up with several ways to deal with the speed of time.

We at  smartzune.com  have put together a list of rules obeyed by time and this should be helpful in making the most out of your own time.

1. Time drags when we’re bored.

Naturally when you start indulging in the jobs you are passionate about, your brain naturally creates a virtual picture of what to do next trying to bring in exposures to various environments. You feel the niche to make the best of the situation to cherish those moments that comforts you better. So , here is the result, you see an amazing virtual world where you wish to be living well before. Your soul & eyes are pushing you harder towards your virtual world. On the journey to the virtual world, you forget the time since you are already equipped with imaginative scenes (Its often the combination of mud roads & expressways which can make your journey interesting)

The same period of time can fly by while watching an interesting movie and can last forever while reading a boring book.

The thing is that when we’re bored, we are highly focused on ourselves. In other words, we think too much. This makes us process more information and that slows down our time perception. In contrast, when we’re fully concentrated on something other than ourselves, time feels like it’s going by too quickly.