10 Curious Facts About the Human Psyche We’ll Hardly Find in Any Textbook


A person’s mind is as full of surprises as the depths of the ocean. Scientists are constantly studying the brain and learning more about new patterns of behavior. And the number of surprises is growing! For example, did you know that the smarter a person is, the fewer friends they have? Well, we didn’t. So now you can easily detect a genius among your friends.

Smartzune.com loves psychology and today we want to share the most fascinating facts about this science with you. And it’s all meant to make you feel better and to help you overcome life’s obstacles more easily.

10. People with a very high IQ don’t have many friends.

Regardless, intelligence in the current societal ecosphere is defined by co-operation, acceptance, tolerance, sense-of-humor, depth of understanding, out-of-the-box thinking, knowledge of quality, attention to detail… FULL STOP.

Attention to detail… That is the one thing that IMO drives intelligent people nuts… it’s hardest to find of all.. even among highly intelligent people…. And truly intelligent people try to cultivate this in others.

Lack of tolerance to it can make intelligent people into monsters. Even non-intelligent people can learn to “fake it” by pointing out “mistakes” that other make in this regard — just to make themselves look smarter.

A long time ago when our distant ancestors were engaged in hunting and gathering, friendship was essential for the tribe’s survival as it was easier to hunt a mammoth together. People still make friends but not for the sake of its benefits.

However, a recent study showed that people with a high IQ don’t need a lot of friends. It happens because their brain is preoccupied with solving really serious problems and they perceive communication as a waste of time. But that’s not a reason to be satisfied with this situation. The study proved that friendship positively influences not only the psychological state but the health condition as well. That’s why sometimes it’s better to pry yourself away from books and talk to interesting people.