10 Crocs Marketing Secrets That Made the Whole World Wear Plastic Slippers

Nowadays, big companies that produce clothes and shoes need to do something more than just make products in order to attract customers. All brands look for their unique feature that will make people visit their stores and spend money. Some retailers bet on beauty, others hope for comfort. And the company from this article decided to use a different feature — their unpleasant appearance. And they were really successful.

We at  smartzune.com  love shopping, unless we spend all of our money. We have reviewed all the marketing tricks that Crocs uses in order to help you save as much money as possible.

Who designed the slippers that look like a crocodile face?

At the end of the 90s, 3 friends, George Boedecker, Scott Seamans, and Lyndon Henson decided to set up a business together. These guys had some experience managing big companies so their collective skill sets had to grow into something incredible. And they did.

The businessmen came across a Canadian company called Foam Creations, that developed an incredible polymer material. The shoes made of this material shaped accordingly with the foot of the owner, didn’t absorb smells, and were very sanitary.

10 Crocs Marketing Secrets That Made the Whole World Wear Plastic Slippers

Boedecker, Henson, and Seamans bought the idea from the Canadians and started producing sandals for yachtsmen. The shoes turned out to be so comfortable and durable that they were quickly sold to people that value comfort and don’t really care about appearance. But most importantly, people that had no relation to yachts started to buy them too.

In 2002, Crocs sold 200 pairs of shoes and by the year 2017, 300 million people had bought the classic shoe with a crocodile on the logo. At first sight, the success came unexpectedly, but there is a clear marketing strategy behind those billions of earned dollars.