10 Cool Things That Originate From Hard Times

Necessity is the mother of invention,” “If it wasn’t for bad luck, we wouldn’t have any luck at all,” there’s a reason these sayings exist. But have you ever realized that a major portion of the things we are using today appeared because of some unfortunate events: economic crises, military action, and the related shortage of products and materials? Among these things there are fashionable shoes and handbags, hygiene products, and even the most adored chocolate spread, Nutella.

Smartzune.com became interested in the history of popular products and “timeless” fashion trends and found out that their origin was not very smooth.

Bob haircut

Historically, women in many countries had long hair. Short haircuts were a sign of poverty, as some women sold their hair to pay for basic subsistence (remember O’Henry’s story “The Gifts of the Magi”), illness (hair was cut because of typhus), or indecency of a woman’s occupation — at that time bold hairstyles were mostly worn by actresses and other ladies who had to earn their own living.

10 Cool Things That Originate From Hard Times

One of the first short haircuts was worn by Coco Chanel (in the photo on the left). It is believed that Chanel had to cut her hair because of an accident: a gas water heater exploded in her house while she was getting ready for a premiere at the Grand Opera Theater. Fortunately, Coco was unharmed, except for the fact that the flame seared her hair. Determined to attend the premiere, she took a pair of scissors, cut off her damaged strands, and went to the theater just like that.