10 Bug Bites Anyone Should Be Able to Identify

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Very few people manage to avoid being bitten by insects. This issue becomes even more pressing in summer. Sometimes it’s quite hard to identify what exactly bit you. The bite might hurt, itch, or even swell. There are many different insects, and they all transmit different diseases, so it’s very important to correctly identify what bit you.

But don’t panic!   smartzune.com  created a little guide that will help you identify which insect attacked you.


The region that a hornet has stung is red and gravely swollen. Blisters can come up. The victim feels extremely bad pain, even worse than a wasp sting pain. The poison of the hornet is even more dangerous, since the insect itself is larger in size.

10 Bug Bites Anyone Should Be Able to Identify

The toxin includes histamine and acetylcholine. The patient must see a doctor if he feels cold in his arms, his or her ears and lips go blue or breathing problems begin.


You need to remove the sting in the attacked spot that may still be. Usually the skin becomes red and swollen. A person feels burning, a sharp pain, and somewhat later a severe itch appears.

10 Bug Bites Anyone Should Be Able to Identify

If you’re not allergic, then your problems will end here. Nevertheless, if a person is allergic to bee poison, he or she may have difficulties with breathing which is a serious concern.