10 Amazing Women in the History of Science Who’ve Changed the World

In the history of humanity there have been brilliant women who played a fundamental role in science, but despite their outstanding contributions, were never recognized. Some were overshadowed by the men in their lives, a few had to deliberately step aside, and others met an untimely and unfortunate death. Very few of them managed to settle in the scientific world and obtain recognition.

Bright Side has compiled a list of 10 amazing women from the history of humanity whose research and scientific contributions have made a significant mark on the history of science.

1. Hypatia

Born in the middle of the 4th century in the capital of Alexandria, Hypatia worked as a philosopher and mathematician. She devoted herself to teaching and studying exact sciences. Among many of her contributions, she improved the design of the astrolabes, instruments that determined the positions of the stars. Although Hypatia has been recognized as the first woman mathematician, the fact is, in her times, her scientific work was not well

10 Amazing Women in the History of Science Who’ve Changed the World

received by some groups that judged her to be “pagan”. These foundations are now uncertain, since the only evidence that suggests this is the fact that the teachings of Hypatia focused on the works of Plato, Aristotle, and Plotinus.

Hypatia’s death was very unfortunate: she was lynched when she was between 40 or 50 years old. However, after this, the imperial prefect Orestes condemned her murder and then the violent acts against the philosophers of Alexandria ended. The figure of Hypatia has been recognized and admired by women who have dedicated themselves to science, astronomy, mathematics and also by activists and feminists.