WATCH: Kayleigh McEnany Goes OFF; “Fauci, You’re The Grinch. You’re Not Canceling Christmas”

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Over the weekend, Dr. Fauci seemed unsure if the Biden administration was going to let Americans celebrate Christmas this year. In response, people from all over the country vowed to defy the failed left-wing Doctor.

On Monday night, Kayleigh McEnany ripped into little Tony, saying that he is the “grinch” and that there is no chance in hell that we’re canceling Christmas because of him.

“Sean, I walked the hallways with dr. Fauci in the west wing when he decided he wanted to cancel Thanksgiving,” she began.

“Saint Dr. Anthony Fauci did indeed cancel Thanksgiving. He said his daughters weren’t coming up. He decided to tell America lets cancel think giving but by the way will be back to normal by Christmas of 2021. Here we are two years into Covid by Christmas of 2021, we will be two years in and he wants to cancel Christmas. Sorry, Fauci. You’re the grinch. You are not canceling Christmas,” she added.

“We as a nation have decided to sacrifice some children on the altar of Covid, keeping schools close when they were open across Europe. Masking two, three, 4-year-olds when the w.h.o. recommends against it. We are sacrificing our children. What a travesty that is,” she concluded.

Watch below:

Not only did Fauci float the idea of canceling Christmas last week, but he also said that it’s time to “give up your rights”:

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