WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Openly Mocks Florida Residents Who Have Died From Covid

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When we say “the left wants us dead”, we truly mean it, in every sense of the phrase.

Earlier this week, far-left late night host Jimmy Kimmel openly mocked Floridians who have died of Covid. Yes, since they no longer have Trump in office to wish death upon, they have turned their sights to his supporters.

During a monologue where he peddled fake news about how “terrible” red states are doing against COVID, Kimmel celebrated the death of Florida residents.

“Of the 54,000 Americans who died from Covid since the start of the summer, almost one of five — one in five of them died in Florida, which my God, all those orphaned ferrets, it’s a shame,” Kimmel said as his audience laughed.

“Basically if your state has more GED’s than PHD’s, stay indoors,” he further mocked.


As bad as his comments were, this wasn’t the first time he wished death upon a certain group of people in the last few days.

Just last week, Kimmel said that unvaccinated Americans should be refused treatment at hospitals.

Watch below:

“Rest in peace, weezy,” Kimmel said, further mocking Americans who have died of Covid.

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