STUNNING AND BRAVE: Anti-American USA Shot Putter Twerks After Throw at the Olympics

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Conservatives are known for praising athletes who love America and who respect our National Anthem while Liberals are known for praising athletes who hate America and disrespect our country.

This past week, we have seen America’s true colors on display. Some athletes like USA wrestler Tamyra Mensah-Stock made us proud to be American when she gushed her love for her country on live air while other athletes embarrassed us as they tried degrading our country on the world stage.

One of those despicable athletes is U.S. shot putter Raven Saunders who twerked at the Tokyo Olympics on Sunday after her silver medal throw.

The beast of a woman was praised by liberal blue checkmarks on Twitter for being so brave when she twerked on the world stage.


“I’m a black female, I’m queer and I talk about mental health awareness — I deal with depression, anxiety, and PTSD, a lot — so for me personally, I represent being at that intersection,” Saunders explained on Monday, seeming to indicate she does indeed have a mental problem. No surprise there. “I decided to use my platform to speak up for all those people, for anyone who represents any part of or any one of those groups, especially, this medals is for [them].”

“Shout out to all my Black people. Shout out to all my LGBTQ community. Shout out to all my people dealing with mental health.”

“To be me. To not apologize,” she said. “To show younger people that no matter how many boxes they try to fit you in, you can be you and you can accept it. People tried to tell me not to do tattoos and piercings and all that. But look at me now, and I’m poppin’.”

This wasn’t the only stunt by Saunders that made headlines. After winning the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics Saunders of the United States appeared to violate Rule 50 of the Olympics when she tried embarrassing America on the world stage.

Rule 50 states that athletes at the Olympics are not allowed to protest on the medal stand.

While on the stand, Saunders decided to raise her arms in an “X gesture” which she later stated that the motion represented “the intersection where all oppressed people meet.”

The Olympic committee announced after the stunt that they would be looking into the stunt to determine if her medal would be taken away or not.

“The International Olympic Committee is looking into the gesture used by U.S. athlete Raven Saunders on the podium after she raised her arms into an X above her head, in one of the most visible individual protests at the #Tokyo2020 Games,” Reuters tweeted.

It now appears that she won’t be punished.

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