Sheriff’s Response to Loudoun School Board’s Extreme Request for Security is the Best Thing You’ll Read All Day

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Sheriff Mike Chapman told the beleaguered Loudoun County school board to shove its extreme security request, rhetorically speaking. The sheriff’s retort to the radical school board came to light in emails that were made public on Thursday.

The Loudoun school board has become notorious nationwide for its Woke politics and its strong-arming of parents on such hot button issues as Critical Race Theory. The school board even had a parent arrested in June for arguing against the CRT curriculum.

In August, the radical educators sought to frame parents as potential ‘domestic terrorists‘ by sending the county sheriff Mike Chapman a laundry list of extereme security measures it purported were necessary to protect them from angry parents.

“Sheriff Chapman,” the Superintendant of Schools, Scott A. Ziegler, wrote. “I want to reiterate the LCPS request for law enforcement support at the August 10 and 11 School Board Meeting as outlined below by Director of Safety and Security John Clark. While Major McDonald indicates that substantial resources will be prepared to respond, we cannot assure the safety of all participants without a coordinated plan involving onsite assets.”

Then he listed the following security resources that were purportedly needed to defend the school board from concerned parents:

  • 3 LCSO deputies inside the Admin Building
  • 1 LCSO/LCFR K-9 explosive sweep
  • LCSO five-person Quick Response Force (QRF) onsite at the Admin Building
  • Undercover LCSO deputies in Public Assembly Area at Admin Building
  • LCSO CDU Team stood up and on standby at nearby location
  • LCSO Special Operations Team on standby at nearby location
  • Joint command post
  • Onsite commander for unified decision making
  • Joint briefing on security plan

Ziegler tried to put the sheriff at his beck-and-call, but it backfired spectacularly. The sheriff’s response to the school board can be read in the letter below:

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