REPORT: Biden Telling Trapped Americans They Need to Pay $2000 For Evacuation Flight From Afghanistan

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According to a new report, the Biden Administration is not only turning their backs on trapped Americans in Afghanistan, but they are also telling them to pay for their own evacuation flight out of the country.

The shocking development comes after President Joe Biden completely failed to safely evacuate Americans and American allies from Afghanistan as the Taliban took over.

Check out what the Daily Wire reported:

According to a report from the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF), the Biden administration is continuing to tell American citizens trapped in Afghanistan that if they want to be evacuated out of the country, they must pay a cost that could exceed $2,000 — which comes hours after a spokesperson for the State Department told the media otherwise.

The Daily Caller News Foundation did some digging into the online forms that individuals are required to fill out if they want to secure a spot on a repatriation flight.

The form forces users to select “I understand and wish to continue with this request” for the following two questions:

14. Repatriation flights are not free. All passengers will need to reimburse the U.S. Government for the flight. A promissory note for the full cost of the flight, which may exceed $2,000 per person, must be signed by each adult passenger before boarding. No cash or credit card payments will be accepted.

15. Loan Repayment. While my passport will not be canceled, U.S. citizens who have signed a loan agreement for repatriation may not be eligible for a new passport until the loan is repaid.

The story was also reported on by Politico on Thursday, reporting: “Even though U.S. officials tell NatSec Daily and others that evacuation flights from Kabul will be free, people trying to catch a plane in the Afghan capital say differently. One person said State Department staff were seeking large payments — up to $2,000 — from American passengers and even more from non-U.S. citizens.”

Politico confronted the State Department who failed to deny the outlet’s reporting.

“U.S. law requires that evacuation assistance to private U.S. citizens or third country nationals be provided ‘on a reimbursable basis to the maximum extent practicable,’” the spokesperson said. “The situation is extremely fluid, and we are working to overcome obstacles as they arise.”

“In other words, the Biden administration may request payments for evacuation flights,” the report continued.

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