Gov. Abbott Unleashes on Joe Biden For Border Failure, Tells Him to “Up” His “Game Big Time”

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During a press conference on Tuesday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott unleashed on President Joe Biden and his administration for their complete failure with the southern border where migrants are pouring in by the thousands.

Abbott shredded Biden for demonstrating an “incapability of dealing with this crisis” while illegal immigrants flow across the border into Del Rio, Texas.

“The only thing [the Biden administration has] shown is an incapability of dealing with this crisis, candidly in a way where they pretend it doesn’t even exist,” Abbott said. “And we’re here to tell you, it exists and it’s total chaos and the Biden administration — they need to up their game, big time.”

Abbot shredded Biden for his lax border policies including “catch-and-release.”

“When you have an administration that has abandoned any pretense of securing the border and security our sovereignty, you see the onrush,” Abbott said.

Abbott’s comments on Tuesday echoed comments he made in a letter to the Biden administration on Monday where he requested Biden make a federal emergency declaration over the crisis along the southern border.

Read part of the letter below:

Border security is a federal responsibility; however, in response to the current situation, I have taken the appropriate action under state law by directing the execution of the state’s emergency management plan and by declaring a state of disaster on May 31, 2021, for multiple Texas counties across the state’s southern border.

I submit this request due to the overwhelming surge of individuals unlawfully attempting to cross the Texas-Mexico border in Val Verde County. These illegal crossings are aided by a dam on federal property, and thus under the jurisdiction of the federal government, which allows individuals to easily traverse the Rio Grande River. The rush of migrants increased from approximately 4,000 individuals on Wednesday, September 15, 2021, to over 16,000 migrants on Saturday, September 18, 2021. The entrance of illegal immigrants shows no signs of slowing. This surge poses life-threatening risks to residents of Val Verde County and is quickly overrunning law enforcement and health care and humanitarian resources which were never intended to be used in this capacity. Even the limited federal resources in the area are strained by the large number of individuals illegally crossing into Texas.

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