Food Network Host Disavowed & Scolded By Leftists For Taking Blunt Stand On Abortion

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If you’ve ever seen an episode of Ginormous Food on the Food Network you’ve heard of Josh Denny. The comedian and former show host has been checking out mile-high stacked burgers and other outrageous dishes from around the country. Now he’s gotten himself into hot water with his former employer and the thin-skinned censors that lurk through the Twitterverse for his commentary about the recent Heartbeat Law in Texas.

The Food Network went so far as to say, “we regret giving him a platform.”

The New York Post reports:

Food Network is coming out swinging against one of its own after a viral Twitter war sparked by the US Supreme Court’s 5-4 vote to deny an emergency appeal filed by abortion providers in an attempt to block a Texas abortion bill that went into effect the same day.

Josh Denny — self-proclaimed “cancelled” comedian, podcaster and TV host — took to Twitter to respond to Wednesday’s news that effectively outlaws abortion in the state.

The 38-year-old former frontman of Food Network’s “Ginormous Food,” who describes himself as pro-life, posted a controversial thread celebrating the ban. He also used a slur while advising women to “calm down” — and said he disagreed that many women wouldn’t know they were pregnant within six weeks of conception.

Hilariously enough the so-called “slur” that he used must only be hurting the feelings of people straight out of a 1920’s New York gangster movie because he said, “calm down, broads”. I guess the Leftist Show “Broad City” should also get canceled for being so harsh. His original tweet was a bit more inflammatory stating that women who didn’t know they were pregnant after 6 weeks were… well proprietors of the world’s oldest profession. However, that’s nowhere near as inflammatory as the act of murdering children which is what he’s criticizing, not women.

Obviously, anyone not falling in perfect lockstep with the mainstream media and Leftist Big Tech monopoly on discourse must be swiftly and harshly dealt with. Thus the Food Network’s PR team went to work trying to scrub any trace of Denny out of their history. They led with the normal corporate distancing that has become commonplace throughout businesses in the dystopian wasteland of woke strong-arming.

The 24 episodes that Denny hosted on the “Ginormous Foods” show are still up as of the writing of this article. However, with the amount of outrage and Leftist hand-wringing Denny has cause they will surely soon be pulled and they will most likely pretend that he never existed to them.

The Supreme Court’s decision to not repeal the Texas Law has reduced Democrats and “Women’s Rights Activists” (emphasis on activists) into squealing balls of rage, with all the same tired rhetoric getting recycled. The Twitter mob of angry women (the ones with the same opinions) went to work on Denny, all using the lines they’ve memorized from their brainwashing handbooks.



One would think that they would be embarrassed at this point to have fully transitioned into caricatures of themselves. Screeching the same Planned Parenthood dogma like it was a rosary prayer, they can only cite the same extreme examples and then chant “you don’t get to have an opinion”.

However, the braindead Twitter masses have had little to no effect on Denny. He took the distancing from the Food Network in stride and hasn’t regretted a single moment of voicing his opinions on one of the fundamental tents of Conservatism, the Right to Life. He doesn’t regret using harsh language or humor either, and it’s no wonder why. After all, Leftists have no problem using the most vile and evil language they can when attacking their opponents. Come to think of it, they don’t have much of a problem with using outright violence to enforce conformity. Just look at Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, etc.

We’re lucky to still have some people out there willing to stand up for the lives of unborn children, and that includes Josh Denny. With the Radical Left being challenged more and more in their attempts to push things like late-term abortion and Critical Race Theory, they are starting to get desperate and lash out. While their tactics may seem to be getting more and more escalated, this is actually a good sign and showing that the beast is being backed up into a corner.

With Americans finally standing up and fighting back against the excesses of the Left, we should take note to not be afraid to speak out like Denny. In his own words, “Some of my conservative friends have said ‘we agree with your sentiment, but your delivery is kind of harsh.’ You need different tools for different jobs for a reason. Some jobs are harder than others. Conservatives like Ben Shapiro are scalpels. I am a sledgehammer.”

While it’s good to have a scalpel, we definitely need a few sledgehammers as well.

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