Buttigieg Turns Into Bumbling Mess, Doesn’t Know How Many States Biden is Sending Illegal Aliens

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U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has no idea how many states Joe Biden is sending illegal aliens.

During an interview on Fox News with host Bret Baier, Buttigieg turned into a bumbling mess when Baier pressed him about the illegal aliens being transported all over the country.

“Do you know to how many states or where they’re going?” Bret Baier asked Buttigieg.

“So, I don’t have the homeland security numbers handy but what I’ll tell you is that this administration is committed to safety and health for all of the Americans…” Buttigieg said.

Below is a transcript of the exchange, via Fox News:

BAIER: Mr. Secretary, a couple more things. Does the Biden administration now consider the situation at the border a crisis?

BUTTIEGIEG: Look, we are going to continue to manage this in a way that balances the security of this country with the need to do the right thing. But the most important thing — and you can use whatever word you want, but it is certainly something that has not been resolved over years and years – is the need for real, meaningful immigration reform. Another priority that a bipartisan majority of the American people believe we ought to do and that ought to happen here in Washington, too.

BAIER: Yeah. But, in June of 2021, Customs and Border Protection encountered 188,829 people attempting to enter the southwest border. It was the 21-year high, 5 percent from last — from May, but a 21-year high. Is something going wrong on the border from the administration’s perspective?

BUTTIEGIEG: Well, something’s wrong with America’s decades-long failure to have comprehensive immigration reform and there’s clearly a lot of work to be done there. The president supports meaningful legislative action and we’re hopeful that that is possible even in today’s Washington.

BAIER: Understanding this falls under the Department of Homeland Security, but illegal immigrants are being transported from the border to other states across the country. Do you know how many states or where they’re going?

BUTTIEGIEG: So I don’t have the Homeland Security numbers handy, but what I’ll tell you is that this administration is committed to safety and health for all of the 300-plus million Americans within our borders and managing the border according to those same principles.


Republican Mayor Javier Villalobos — a Hispanic who represents, McAllen, Texas — is unloading on the Biden administration over its handling of the immigration crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

During an interview on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” Villalobos revealed he has built an isolation camp to protect his city because of the COVID-19 infection rate among illegals aliens.

“We had to make an emergency decision to put up tents,” Villalobos said.

“Last week, we had to do a temporary facility right here in McAllen because the — it’s done a capacity of 1200 and that’s it. We have to take emergency action otherwise 200 plus possibly positive immigrants released into McAllen, we couldn’t do that,” he said.

“Yes, we did — we built a couple of tents the next day moved them to what you just saw in Mission, Texas. So we have an issue now, we have thousands of people in donna. You go to the west, and now we have a mission and then you go to the south and we have this. And we do have a mess,” Villalobos continued.

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