BREAKING: Biden Caves, Reluctantly Says Cuomo Should Resign After Defending Him For Months

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For Joe Biden, the pressure to finally condemn New York Governor Andrew Cuomo simply became too much. After defending Cuomo through EVERY sexual assault allegation and EVERY Covid failure, Biden caved and was forced to denounce the failed Governor after the damning revelations that came out earlier today.

“Back in March you said that if the investigation confirmed allegations against Cuomo, then he should resign. Will you now call on him to resign?” a reporter asked.

“I stand by that statement,” Biden responded, trying to avoid a direct answer.

“Are you now calling on him to resign?” the reporter pressed.

“Yes,” Biden said reluctantly.

Watch below:

“I’m sure some embraces that were totally innocent but the Attorney General decided there were things that weren’t,” said the former Vice President, trying to defend his buddy Cuomo

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