After Biden is Caught Napping at an Official Meeting, He Has a Lame Excuse for Not Taking Any Questions

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President Biden, for the fifth time in nearly two weeks, refused to take any questions after a press event.

“I’m not going to take any questions because of the prime minister being here, on Afghanistan now,” Biden said. “But I’ll be available at another time.”

Biden’s lame dodge for answering to the American people followed his official meeting with the new Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett.

The moment when Biden could not resist nodding off during the high stakes meeting was captured on video. Watch:

The video came from the Israeli press and it was not doctored. The Israeli media is even reporting the ‘boring’ Natali put Biden to sleep:

The “Sleepy Joe” moment led to an avalanche of comments expressing disbelief over the behavior of the president.



This is hardly desirable optics for a Commander-in-Chief who looks like he would be more comfortable in a nursing home than in a war room. Maybe, the U.S. media will be questioning if ‘Mr. 81 Million Votes’ is actually up to the job.

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